Reminders & Alerts

A teen boy raking leaves in the fall.


Fall/Winter Cleanup Reminders

Please do not blow or rake leaves into the streets as it is very unsightly as well as causes drainage issues with the street gutters. Remember that each homeowner is responsible for leaves within your yard and the curb in front of your home. Please wait until Sunday evening to place yard bags and other items on the street for Monday pickup or hire a house cleaning service. This is very unsightly from a curb appeal point of view. If you use a lawn service, please make sure they are aware of this.

Mail Delivery Issues

Mail delivery issues have been an ongoing concern for our neighborhood. While this is not a responsibility of the HOA to deal with this matter, we would like to make you aware that it is affecting business directory listings and many homeowners. One of the points of confusion is that most of our streets have very similar names as well as duplicate house numbers.

It is recommended that if you receive a neighbors mail, please make every effort to deliver the mail to the correct address. However most importantly, please make the local Post Office aware. If every homeowner makes the Post Office aware of each occurrence as it happens, hopefully the issue will be resolved. The Collierville Post Office number is (901) 853-0994.

recycle  Garbage & Recycle Carts

Our covenants are very specific on this matter. Garbage and recycle carts are not to be visible from the street or by your neighbor.

For more information on the Trash Pick up Schedule, visit the Town of Collierville Utilities page.